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Tavern on the Green Logo Identity by Steven Noble

Friday, December 13th, 2013

For their reboot of Tavern on the Green, owners Jim Caiola and David Salama wanted Steven Noble to create a logo that felt contemporary while still referencing the restaurant’s storied past. The logo will be used throughout the restaurant on menus and business cards, as well as on the restaurant’s famous red awnings through how they tweaked each iteration of the logo — beginning with the first prelimnary draft — before landing on this final look.

Tavern on the Green was originally built as a sheepfold in current day Central Park . The sheep were actually held there at night and let out on Sheep Meadow during the day to graze and mow the lawn. Since we were going for this farm to table concept, the sheep really were a good vision for that sort of food.

The idea was to contemporize the Tavern on the Green brand. But they always knew they were ode-ing to the sheep. There was a history they were trying to acknowledge with the crest and the animals. When you see this, you think of a family’s history or a place’s history, so they liked this idea.

The final design feels timeless, but also contemporary. It feels fun, but not too self-conscious. It’s beautiful and modern and clean.

Destination Beer

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

“The Destination Beer Logo is Ready for Prime Time” by: Brandon DeLoach

Andrews Distributing turns to Marblehead for help retooling their classic Steven Noble illustration into a complete identity system for print, advertising, and online display. The result is a fully developed brand ready for its public debut.

The original Destination Beer logo was a commis­sioned illustration by world famous craftsman Steven Noble. Noble’s enormous portfolio of work is particularly well known in the beer world. He is responsible for the Sam Adams portrait, the Orig­inal Coors water fall, the Shiner Bock Ram, and several other beer icons. Noble gave Destination Beer a classic look with traditional, one-color scratch board shading over water color. The final illustration proof is pictured to the right.


Ready for Prime Time

With Destination Beer set to grow into a full campaign across all media, Andrews asked Mar­ble head to take Noble’s illustration and turn it into a fully functioning brand. The centerpiece on the new brand is an updated Destination Beer logo. The new logo can be printed at tiny sizes, displayed online, even embroidered, while retaining the beautiful detail and craft of the original Noble illustration. We also developed a brand standards manual detailing color, type, logos, and photography for Destination Beer’s public image. We look for ward to seeing the new logo in action as the campaign rolls out this year. The new logo and samples from the stan­dards manual are pictured below.